Introducing Smartwatch.FM

Welcome to Smartwatch.FM.  

For those of you wondering what the heck this site is, very simply it's a site about smartwatches. It has profiles of smartwatches, conversations (audio and transcripts) with smartwatch makers as well as users, and we will also have a few comparison tools as well to debut soon.

One reason I decided to create this site is I'd been working on some smartwatch research for my business, NextMarket Insights, and soon realized there weren't very many good resources online about smartwatches, so I decided to change that. 

But the main reason is I wanted to experiment a little. As a technology and media analyst, I've long  been interested in new ways to present research and information. When I launched NextMarket Insights I wrote about implementing an open-lab model which presented much of the original information I gathered for my reports and ongoing research for free. At Smartwatch.FM, that means presenting both audio recordings and transcripts of my interviews with smartwatch creators and those using them.

I've also been a big fan of using audio to a way to present information on the web. Blogs posts and opinion pieces seem to be dominant way today to present information on today's web, but I felt there was room for other interesting ways to present this information. I try to do that with my recordings and related transcripts here at Smartwatch.FM. 

I suggest signing up for my mail list (no spam or selling your info, ever - I promise) to keep updated on news profiles, interviews and other stuff. If you have a suggestion for a new smartwatch or anything else on this site (such as a feature or type of information), please email me or fill out a form

Like I said, above all.. Smartwatch.FM is an an experiment, one with which I'd like folks to help me figure out what exactly it should be.

Thanks for visiting, 

Michael Wolf

@michaelwolf /

P.S. NextMarket Insights will publish its first report on the smartwatch market in September/early October. Sign up for updates if you're interested in a complimentary copy of the report's executive summary, would like to be notified about when it is published, or to be notified of future reports on the smartwatch or wearables market.