Why Smartwatches May Some Day Control the Smart Home

Over the past few years, there's been an explosion of tablet and smartphone apps to control everything in your life, from wireless music systems, to TVs and now your smart home. 

Smartwatch as home controller? 

Smartwatch as home controller? 

The use of control apps for the smart home has actually had a profound effect across the broader smart home and home control marketplace. It used to be that home automation system providers would usually require expensive and proprietary home control remotes, but nowadays companies in the smart home systems market like Savant are providing iPad apps to control their home automation systems. 

Apple's taken notice of this - or to put it more correctly, they foresaw this potential application five years ago - when they applied for a patent around using an iPhone app for smart home control. Whether the company is still interested in rolling out any of their own home control offerings is yet to be seen, but I am sure they are happy with the place the iPad and iPhone have taken as key part of the broader smart home ecosystem.

But if Apple thought of how the iPhone and iWatch could conceivably be part of the smart home, there is no doubt they're also giving some thought - if the rumors about the iWatch are indeed true - how a smartwatch could be a key control interface for the smart home.  

And they're not the only ones. In my conversations with Martian Watches and Agent Watches leadership, I've learned that both companies are thinking about how their smartwatches could key control interfaces for a smart home. As some know, Agent Watches incubation company Secret Labs also develops smart home wireless technology, so there's a chance they see a bigger picture with the connection of these devices.

So what would a smartwatch home control interface look like? It could be a very passive device that simply shows monitor data or sends alerts, or it could actually incorporate command options that can,, say, allow a user to turn on a light, lock a door or down down the thermostat.

Either way - I expect that Apple and others are thinking hard about the smartwatch's place in the smarthome. 

In case you're interested, over at Smartwatch.FM's parent company, NextMarket Insights, we just published a report on the smart home. You can download a free copy of the executive summary by clicking here.