Hyetis Crossbow already has sold 300 smartwatches at $1200 a pop

Who needs Kickstarter when you can sell 300 watches at $1,200 a piece?

We caught up with Arny Kapshitzer, the man behind Hyetis and its high-end smartwatch, the Crossbow. Kapshitzer is a long time Swiss watch designer who's launched such watches such as AK Geneve, but a year ago he decided to create a smartwatch. 

The Hyetis Crossbow

The Hyetis Crossbow

And now have the Hyetis Crossbow, which last week was announced in a limited initial run of 500 for $1200 a piece. 

According to Kapshitzer, others in the Swiss watch industry aren't as excited about the smartwatch movement as he is.

I'll have the full conversation with Arny available on Monday, but I thought I'd share a couple other interesting tidbits he shared with me:

  • The device will run on Android, one of two OS's which they were considering. The other was an "Intel OS"
  • After the initial run, Hyetis plans on selling the Crossbow at $1,500. They also plan on having more smartwatches
  • The watch will allow under-water picture taking, and while the capacitive touch screen won't work under water to snap pictures with, Hyetis hopes to have an add-on to allow for picture snapping under water. 

 (update: the full interview with Arny Kapshitzer is here.)

Take a listen to the clip of my of my conversation with Hyetis CEO and Swiss watch designer Arny Kapshitzer below. We will also have a full profile of the Hyetis Crossbow and new details of Kapshitzer's plan for a high-end Swiss smartwatch company on Monday. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications.

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