Would Swatch Work With Apple for a Smartwatch?

An interesting tidbit came at the end of my conversation with Arny Kapshitzer, the CEO of Hyetis.  He indicated he heard from a journalist (whom he didn't name) who had talked to the CEO of "the leader of the Swiss watch industry", who Kapshitzer believes was Swatch. 

According to Kapshitzer, the CEO (who would be Nick Hayek Jr) said if they were to do a smartwatch, they would probably try to work with Apple.

This is interesting because in March, when asked about the iWatch and smartwatches, , Hayek famously "I don’t believe it’s the next revolution". 

It should be noted - quite emphatically - that this was all hearsay and speculation and Kapshitzer puts caveats around the whole idea, including whether  the two companies would even work together. As he correctly points out, just because Swatch may want to work with Apple, it doesn't mean Apple would work with them.

But as I've written before, a smartwatch is as much or more a piece of fashion than it is technology, so maybe - just maybe - with all the caveats in mind, Apple realizes this and believes that working with someone like Swatch could help them create a true line of fashion-conscious watches that are more than just a new tech gadget.

You can hear my full conversation with Kapshitzer here, and listen to an excerpt with his mention of Apple and Swatch below.