Smartwatch 101 for those new to smartwatches

My wife and her company are giving away a couple Pebble smartwatches at a golf tournament this week.  

Now, I'm a bit biased (towards smartwatches AND my wife), but I have to say this is a pretty great business gift idea. 

Being the proprietor of a smartwatch site, she asked me to write a quick little intro guide for the lucky gift recipients.  For those of you new to smartwatches, I thought you might find this helpful.

And remember - this is a bit Pebble watch-centric, as it was written for new Pebble owners, but could work for any new smartwatch owner.  


A quick and dirty guide to smartwatches.

Congratulations, you are the owner of the newest and coolest gadget, a smartwatch!

First off, what is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a watch that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and allows you to read messages, see who is calling, track your workouts and health, play music remotely on an iPhone.

In short, they're cool connected devices that let you keep your phone in your pocket and gives you a cool conversation piece at that next Thanksgiving dinner.

Remember, it's also a watch

The Pebble watch is a good looking watch, black or red, not too nerdy looking (I think it's just nerdy looking enough to be cool-nerdish).

More importantly, you can download and even create your own watchfaces. With Pebble, you'll have access to hundreds of different watchfaces, from analog to geek to HelloKitty (guys, don't do it, unless you have a daughter, and then its only cool at home).


Another cool part about the Pebble smartwatch (and other smartwatches) is you can download apps. Fitness trackers, calendar apps, calculators, and so on. Check out the links below for sites for apps to download.

Remember, it's a fairly new thing

And so there might be some bugs. Our son bought a Pebble (smartwatches are great gifts for kids, especially math/science-y kids) and it would lose a minute or two every few hours, meaning the time was off after a half-day. We simply had to reload the firmware (Google it - it's pretty easy to do) and it was fixed.

But Pebble is working hard on making the watch better. The great thing is since it's like a smartphone in that is built on top of software, it gets better all the time.

Here are some Pebble resources for you to check out:

Watch face download site:

Getting started with iPhone/iOS:

Getting started with Android:

Pebble FAQ:

Pebble Apps resources:

And, of course, shameless self-promotion:

A good overall site to learn about smartwatches: