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Here's your host: 10

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Looks like the Galaxy Note is up first.  I imagine they're saving the Gear for last.

JK Shin coming on stage at 10:05 PST. 

Sneak peak at the watch during the Note talk:

Can make calls using via voice commands.  

Definitely positioned as a companion device.



The Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear will be available on September 25th in 149 countries.  

You've got a message... 

You've got a message... 

Cool: able to take and make calls through the watch - no need to take out the phone.  

Memographer - an outward facing camera on the wristband.

A simple swipe down and then click, and then distribute - all from the watch w/o touching the phone.  

Also: contextual understanding and augmented reality interpretation with the Gear camera.  

1.63" AMOLED display. 

Apparently the Gear is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices?  That's a huge downside in my opinion.