DTNS 3093 - Let's Talk About Sex

ealing with nanochips, Amazon pursuing meals that last on the shelf without refrigeration for a year. And Dr. Kiki gives us the science on STEM and gender difference.
With Tom Merritt, Roger Chang, Len Peralta and >Dr. Kiki.

DTNS 3091 - Flash Point

Intel bets big on self-driving cars, esports might go Olympic and some myths about the death of Flash busted.
With Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt

DTNS 3083 – AreYouReadyForSomeEsports.com

BBC Three is streaming of Elite League Series One. Is this a sign that traditional broadcasters see the value in eSports? USB 3.2 is coming and its twice as fast. Amazon has new solution for delivering packages to Apartments. Join Roger, Len and Jenn Cutter as we discuss.


DTNS 3081 – In The Year 2021!

Google stops instant search, Apple partners for cochlear implants and why 2021 is predicted to be amazing.
With Rachel Metz, Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt

DTNS 3077 - A Shot In The Dark Web

Microsoft builds Cortana into a thermostat, Rwanda uses low power networking to stop poachers, and Elon Musk promises more things.
With Justin Robert Young and Tom Merritt