The Hyetis Crossbow is the first (that we know of) Swiss smartwatch.Hyetis is touting some impressive features such as a 41 Megapixel camera with a Zeiss optical zoom and a number of connectivity features. The watch is initally expected to ship in a limited run of 500 at a price of $1200. 

The Basics

  • The first Swiss smartwatch
  • Status: EarlyBird model expected to ship in February
  • Management team: not identified
  • Price: $1,200 for first run of 500


  • High definition camera with optimized selection of pixels variable definition
  • Lens with optical zoom
  • Accelerometer
  • HD Microphone
  • Altimeter / thermometer / hygrometer / Light Meter
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/NFC
  • Tactile sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • High definition LCD Dial Twin battery pack biometric sensor devices
  • Pairing with Smartphones running IOS/Androïd/Windows -
  • Case and back in grade 5 Titanium, finish "Dark Knight" Polished, Blasted and Brushed.
  • Waterproof to 250m.
  • 2 Textile Bands "NATO" type interchangeable Red and Black Crown with Rubber Grip and red ring
  • Touch Bezel mirror polished Sensors protection made of ceramics and composites
  • 25 jewels
  • Size 12 ½’


The Story

Hyetis was founded by Arny Kapshitzer, a longtime Swiss watch designer who has designed such watches as the AK Geneve.  He initially conceived of the Hyetis Crossbow over one year ago and shopped the idea to other Swiss watch makers. When Kapspitzer got a fairly cool response from the Swiss watch community (a community that is typically slow to adopt new watch technologies despite being the long-time global leader in overall watch design and manufactuing), he decided to design his own smartwatch. And now we have the Crossbow. 

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