Ep. 76: Building Alliances, Starting a Startup and Acting as Your Personal CEO with Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh is an entrepreneur, investor, blogger and author of the best-selling book: The Alliance. He wrote the book with Founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman and Ben Cassanova.

The connected technology world is changing constantly. We are needing to think like entrepreneurs if we want to survive. And the The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age is all about trust, honesty and partnering with your employer to succeed.

Chris talks about a "tour of duty" where you work on a project with a company, versus working at a company your entire life. Employers are not your family because they can lay you off at any time. You need to partner with your employer if you want to win as an entrepreneurial thinker.

There is a new project-based era for work, and Chris teaches how The Alliance book's framework for working with your boss and managing your employees.

Chris shares advice for anyone who owns their own company or wants to start a startup.

He advice is to NOT quit your day job if you're building a startup. Oftentimes when you work a full-time job you can create runway for your startup to launch and build it's Product Market Fit. Quitting your day job only gives you 4 hours extra a day, not 8 hours a day. And it’s rare that the thing you set out to do is the final thing you build.

His advice is to make and keep promises to your employees if you want to build trust as a founder and boss. Building trust is the key to building long term relationships in life and business...

Chris Yeh's Blog: chrisyeh.blogspot.com/

The Alliance Book website: www.theallianceframework.com/

Buy The Alliance Book: www.amazon.com/Alliance-Managing…ok/dp/B00JTJ84EW/


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