Ep. 63: Why We Are All Hooked on Technology Products with Nir Eyal

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We are really excited to share this interview with Nir Eyal that I recorded a few months back. Nir was in Los Angeles for a start-up speaking engagement, where he explained the Hooked Model to 100 + entrepreneurs in Santa Monica. I was lucky enough to chat with him right before he went on stage.

His Hooked Model has changed the game for product creation and product management. We talk at length about the 4 principles of the Hooked Model and how it applies to everyone building products.

The average person checks their cell phone over 100 times per day. And Nir explains why we are all so obsessed with Facebook, WhatsApp and Pinterest. His expertise is in consumer psychology and applying principles from writer's like B.F. Skinner to modern technology.

Nir also self-pubished his book, blogged for years and eventually launched Hooked as a NY Times best-seller. He shares what it's like seeing your book at an airport bookstore.

Nir's website and his Twitter: www.nirandfar.com/ twitter.com/nireyal

How Nir started writing his blog to answer his own questions about how products create habits
How hearing Mark Zuckerberg speak when Nir was in Stanford business school inspired his curiosity around the hooked model
How Facebook & WhatsApp nailed the Hooked model
The difference between vitamins (nice to have) and pain killers (must have) when building products
A guide to the 4-Step Hooked process: 1) Trigger 2) Action 3) Reward 4) Investment
How podcasts apps. like Stitcher form habits for their listeners
The GEM model (Growth, engagement, monetization)
How Nir’s career transitioned from entrepreneur into story-teller
How Nir reach the NY Times best-seller list with the help of his community of blog readers

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