MAKERS OF SPORT PODCAST #36(HALFTIME) Gaining Professional Authority with Clients

The best client relationships begin with trust and mutual respect. Clients that are controlling – using you as their pixel-pushing pets – have not been acclimated to working with professional creators, those that have valuable knowledge, expertise and are business-driven. Do you want to be a technician or a respected professional?

In this episode of Halftime, Adam discusses professional authority – having clients respect your opinion and look to you for guidance when performing your craft. Adam reveals a few of his own strategies when it comes to setting the tone of a professional relationship early in order to exert authority when as it regards to clients valuing your opinion, skillset and knowledge of your field.

Mentions include:

Paul Rand:
Massimo Vignielli:
Saul Bass:
NeXT Computer Company:
Steve Jobs's conversation with Paul Rand:
Fraser Davidson:
Cub Studio:
Vignielli Canon:

Our next guest is Matt Lange: Matt is the Director of Creative for the historic University of Alabama Crimson Tide: football program.

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