Side projects can be good for our careers and even our mental health. They help us grow as creatives and give us something to look forward to that we can control. Something that doesn't have the pressure of a client or other stakeholder.

In this episode of Halftime, Adam discusses the importance of side projects, how they can make us become known for something and can lead to our dream clients.

Mentions include:

Jeni Herberger, The Fulcrum Agency:

AIRMAX 100 Project:

Episode 15: Matt Stevens:

Episode 22: Fraser Davidson:

Jessica Hische:

Daily Drop Cap:

Tobias van Schneider, Spotify:

Spotify's Design Lead on Why Side Projects Should be Stupid:…Should-be-Stupid/

Dan Simon, Studio Simon:

Episode 2: Joe Bosack & Co.

Episode 10: Ben Jenkins, Warstic Bat Co.

Episode 27: Bethany Heck, The Eephus League:

Lifehacker: Why Side Projects Are Good For You:…or-you-1612792201

Episode 34 (Halftime): Just Start:

On the next podcast, the partners of Doubleday & Cartwright: be joining the podcast. D&C is a New York City creative agency focusing on sport and culture. Along with working with clients such as Nike, ESPN and Red Bull, D&C is recently noted for designing the newMilwaukee Bucks visual identity:

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