MAKERS OF SPORT PODCAST #39: Chris Isenberg, Partner, Doubleday & Cartwright

"When you passionately express your true point of view and you show exactly how you wanna do something, it shows other people how they can use you as a tool if they want to."

On this week's podcast, Doubleday & Cartwright: parter, Chris Isenberg joins the show. D&C is a Brooklyn-based creative agency focusing on work at the intersection of sports and culture.

Chris gives us some insight into his career before founding Doubleday & Cartwright which includes stints as a freelance writer and working for Details Magazine until the eventual founding of his personal brand No Mas: — a website that makes apparel, art and digital media dedicated to "The Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat".

We elaborate on the importance of side projects and how they can lead to your dream client work as the D&C published magazine, Victory Journal: did for Isenberg and company.

Lastly, we discuss the infamous Milwaukee Bucks rebrand:, how Doubleday & Cartwright dealt with online criticism on such a large team rebranding, as well as the value of showing their process on the branding work as it regards to taming the Internet critics.

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No Mas:
Kimou Meyer aka Groteskito:
Mitchell & Ness:
Zoo York: zooyork
Blue Print Cleanse:
Red Bull Music Academy:
Victory Journal:
Costacos Brothers:…ers-oral-history
Julien Cahn, Nike:
Anthony Blasko:
The Way Things Are:
Image of the Studio:
Milwaukee Bucks rebranding:
Justin Thomas Kay, D&C Managing Creative Director:

Our next guest is Jon Contino:, creative director of Jon Contino and co-founder of CXVII Clothing Co. and Contino Brand:

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