Episode 42: Chris David Garcia, Creative Director, Houston Astros; Founder, MLC Connect

"If there's ever an idea and you realize there is an opportunity there, opportunity has a shelf life. You gotta do it. You gotta do it quick."

This week on the podcast, Chris David Garcia: twitter.com/chrisdavidg of the Houston Astros joins us. Chris has been creative director of the Houston Astros where he has been working for 8+ years. He is also the founder of the upcoming sports design conference, Major Level Creative Connect:mlcconnect.com (MLC Connect).

Chris discusses his path to the Houston Astros and how important it is for in-house creatives to make clear business cases to their superiors when it comes to defining a career ladder and advancement within sports organizations.

We also touch on the founding of Major Level Creative Connect and discuss why Chris pursued the endeavor to scratch his own itch of talking with other creative professionals working in-house that may be too busy to network outside of their organization.

Lastly, Chris tells us where we can register for the conference, gives some insight on who will be speaking this year and discusses the casual, open-source atmosphere of MLC Connect.

Mentions include:

Chris David Garcia on Twitter: twitter.com/chrisdavidgfx
Chris David Garcia's website: chrisdavidg.com
Chris David Garcia on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chrisdavidg
2012 Houston Astros rebrand: espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/7494…name-uniform-change
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Our next show will include the founders of Torch Creative: torchcreative.com, a Texas-based creative agency focused on creating brands for team and corporate clients. Their work includes brands throughout the NCAA, the NHL and they also created the SportsLogos.net: sportslogos.net logo.

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