Episode 64: Ben Osborne, Editor-in-Chief, SLAM Magazine

"There's a lot of talented people out there. A lot of smart people. A lot of great writers. A lot of great editors. You gotta work... [Ben on side projects & growth]."

On this week’s episode, it's basketball, sneakers and hip-hop as Ben Osborne: twitter.com/bosborne17, Editor-in-Chief of SLAM Magazine: slamonline.com joins the podcast.

Having been a subscriber of SLAM since 1994, Adam geeks out with Ben on the founding and history of the magazine, as well as how it worked to gain credibility in the world of sports journalism.

The two discuss the publication's swagger and its role in pioneering sneaker culture. As well as SLAM's long-time existence as a thorn in the NBA's side as it regards to portraying players as who they are:www.slamonline.com/the-magazine/fe…fB5YPUvJBiA6.97, rather than who the league wanted them to be leading them to many epic cover shoots: www.slamonline.com/tag/Cover-Archives/.

Ben elaborates on his role as Editor-in-Chief, design's importance to the magazine and Adam even reads a letter he wrote to the magazine that was published in 2006 reflecting on how SLAM shaped much of who is he today.

Lastly, Ben discusses some of his many side projects and how important it is to have such creative outlets.

Mentions include:

Ben Osborne on Twitter: twitter.com/bosborne17
SLAM Magazine: slamonline.com
SLAM on Twitter: twitter.com/slamonline
Scoop Jackson: twitter.com/iamscoopjackson
Dennis Page, SLAM founder: www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-s-page-bb1b676
Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports: twitter.com/DanWetzel
Michael Bradley, SLAM writer: www.slamonline.com/author/michaelbradley/
Lang Whitaker: twitter.com/langwhitaker
Russ Bengston, SLAM writer: twitter.com/russbengtson
Ryan Jones, former EiC: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Jones_(writer)
Melissa Brennan Medvedich, former creative director: twitter.com/mabicus
Kicks: www.slamonline.com/kicks/
SLAM Kicks book by Ben Osborne: www.amazon.com/SLAM-Kicks-Basket…ged/dp/0789327007
Swee' Pea Daniels Documentary: vimeo.com/88417139

My next guest is going to be Jeremy Darlow: twitter.com/jeremydarlow. As digital brand marketer for Adidas football and baseball, Jeremy works with numerous college athletics programs around the U.S., including some professional Adidas athletes such as RGIII and Lionel Messi. He is also the author of Brands Win Championships: brandswinchampionships.com, a book educating college athetic departments on the importance of brand strategy and marketing.

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