Episode 80: Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith, Molly Mazzolini; Co-Founders; Infinite Scale

"In the environment, things need to be simplified, they need to have a quick read. You scale things very differently in environmental graphics than typical graphic design applications."

Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith and Molly Mazzolini—co-founders & creative partners of Infinite Scale:infinitescale.com—join the show to tell the story of their environmental design firm.

The three partners give us a view into their individual backgrounds and tell the story of how they met and what led to eventually founding their own design firm.

Cameron & Amy discuss how they landed their first major project for a the NFL and shares a bit about their design and pitch process, including assessing a city and the opportunity for design.

Additionally, Molly shares how they approach branding from a strategic and relationship perspective; as well as explains what a brand activation is.

Amy gives us some insight into their work culture and why it is very important to growing and sustaining a reputable design firm.

Lastly, we discuss ReScale: rescaledesign.com; the green initiative of recycling and repurposing one-off environmental assets into other products.