Episode 81: Ambassadors of Sports Design Panel, MLC Connect 2016

On this week's episode, we go behind-the-scenes at Major Level Creative Connect (MLC Connect) 2016:mlcconnect.com with a panel that Todd Radom: twitter.com/toddradom, Brian Gundell:twitter.com/bgundell and myself were asked speak on called "Ambassadors of Sports Design".

We come together for a no-holds-barred discussion on the state of industry, how each of us are ambassadors of sports design and what we can do gain credibility and drive industry forward in regards to professionalism and advocacy.

For visual reference, the deck for this presentation can be found here:dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5722684/Am…ect-2016.pdf

Mentions Include:

MLC Connect: mlcconnect.com
MLC Connect's Twitter: twitter.com/mlcconnect
Todd Radom, Episode 4: makersofsport.com/episodes/4/todd-radom
Todd Radom's Twitter: twitter.com/toddradom
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Brian Gundell, Episode 71: makersofsport.com/episodes/71/brian-gundell
Brian Gundell's Twitter: twitter.com/bgundell
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RiCardo Crespo: www.designthinkers.com/Speakers/Rica…o-Crespo.aspx
Megan Magiera's Twitter, Indianpolis Colts: twitter.com/megmagiera

The next interview podcast will be a crossover episode. Sean Callanan: twitter.com/seancallanan, founder of SportsGeek: twitter.com/sportsgeek, and I are collaborating on an episode that appear on both podcasts. A part 1 & 2 split between two brands.

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