Episode 93: Marissa McClain, Sr. Designer and Brand Specialist, Boston Red Sox

"I think that the best design is design you don't notice most of the time, so I have no problem just putting up a beautiful photo if it's a beautiful photo."

Marissa McClain: twitter.com/marissamcclain, Sr. Designer/Brand Specialist for the Boston Red Sox joined this episode to discuss her passion for fine art & photography, and how it led to a gig with the Red Sox.

We discuss her past as a student photographer for the Michigan Wolverines and an intern at Complex Media; as well as how she ended up shooting the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series win which led to an art-loving, non-sports-liking kid to end up working full-time for one of baseball's historic teams.

Marissa touches on why she pushes herself and her creative team to make things with intent, why we should let photography do its job sometimes and go easy on the textures and filters, and how design principles are the same no matter the discipline (i.e. motion, graphic design, etc.)

We also discuss the fear of being a "jack of all trades, master of none" and how having an inherent curiously is good for creativity.

Marissa touches on how the Red Sox incorporate motion, GIFs and animation into their social media, as well as their strategies for Instagram stories and when to balance very produced work with raw, candid images.

Lastly, Marissa discusses her "34 x 34" project for Big Papi's retirement and her creative friendship with NFL tight end and The Imagination Agency owner, Martellus Bennett.