Episode 90: MLC Connect Panel 2017 with Chin Wang, Joe Bosack, Todd Radom & Jon Contino

On this week's episode, I bring you a front seat at MLC Connect 2017: www.mlcconnect.com/agenda/ for "The Future of Sports Design" panel with Chin Wang: twitter.com/chinwangespn (Creative Director, ESPN the Magazine), Todd Radom: twitter.com/toddradom (Designer/Illustrator, Todd Radom Design), Joe Bosack: twitter.com/jbosack (Creative Director, Joe Bosack & Co.) and Jon Contino: twitter.com/joncontino (Creative Director, Jon Contino Studio)—all former guests of Makers of Sport.

The panel is short (about 30 min.), but a lot of knowledge and experience is shared as the panelists touch on how they build relationships, manage collaborating with creatives in multiple disciplines, mistakes they've made and more.

You'll hear Joe Bosack mention Tom O'Grady: twitter.com/GameplanChicago of Gameplan Creative: gameplancreative.com and Bill Frederick: twitter.com/fanbrandz of Fanbrandz: fanbrandz.com who were in the audience.


Mentions Include:

MLC Connect: mlcconnect.com
Chin Wang's Mos Episode: makersofsport.com/episodes/24/chin-wang
Todd Radom's MoS Episode: makersofsport.com/episodes/4/todd-radom
Joe Bosack's MoS Episode: makersofsport.com/2/episodes/joe-bosack
Jon Contino's MoS Episode: makersofsport.com/episodes/40/jon-contino
Tom O'Grady's MoS Episode: makersofsport.com/episodes/35/tom-ogrady
Bill Frederick's MoS Episode: makersofsport.com/episodes/18/fanbrandz

My next guest is Shane Mielke: twitter.com/shanemielke, an independent creative director and interactive designer in Southern California. Shane is a bit of legend in the interactive design space. Once a creative director for renown interactive firm of the early 2000s, 2Advanced Studios: 2advanced.com, Shane now freelances full-time, is a high school football coach at a prominent SoCal school and world-class Crossfit athlete. More on Shane can be found at his site: shanemielke.com.

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*Correction: I mentioned Todd's episode in this podcast as episode 3, it's actually episode 4.