Episode 91: Shane Mielke, Interactive Creative Director, H.S. Football Coach & Crossfit Athlete

"At the end of the day, I consider myself a creative person. I've taken the time to grow these skills slowly over time and I want to have as much fun as I can on all aspects of a project—whether that's design, animation, etc., to me it's all fun. That is what is going to stop me from burning out."

Shane Seminole Mielke does many things—from coaching big-time high school football, to being a Crossfit athlete, to being a designer, developer & animator; he is a jack of all trades. Shane is not, however, a master of none as the cliché states; instead, he uses his time effectively to master his many different interests which includes building websites and animations for movies such as "Suicide Squad", "Dunkirk", "Kong" and more; as well as working with Lucasfilm (on the "Star Wars" franchise), Blizzard Ent. and Riot Games.

He has won numerous awards which include: 6 Adobe Sites of the Day, 2 Awwwards, 36 FWA Sites of the Day, 4 FWA Mobile Sites of the Day, 2 FWA Sites of the Month and 3 Adobe Cutting Edge Awards.

In this episode, Shane discusses the value of time and how he balances personal life with growing in his many creative skillsets, as well as how we should deeply focus on one thing in order to master that thing before pivoting to the next.

We discuss the early days of the web and some interactive shops that were pushing the limits of technology. We also touch on how today interactive design has become very stale with a lot of the same stuff being created over and over and how at one point in time, the work made you famous, not your writing, tweets or Dribbble/Behance networking skills.

Lastly, we discuss Shane's book, "Launch It: 300+ things I've learned as a Designer, Developer and Creative Director": shop.shanemielke.com. The book includes so much wisdom from Shane's career and we go in depth on some of that wisdom including discussing college degrees and if they are worth the time and money.

Mentions Include:

Shane Mielke's website: shanemielke.com
Shane's Twitter: twitter.com/shanemielke
2advanced Studios: 2advanced.com
Eric Jordan, 2advanced founder: www.ericjordan.com
Firstborn Interactive: firstbornnyc.com
Gmunk: www.gmunk.com
Julie Zhou, VP of Design at Facebook: juliezhuo.com
"A Season of Satudays: A Brief History of College Football": www.amazon.com/Season-Saturdays-…all/dp/1451627823
"Launch It: 300+ things I've learned as a Designer, Developer and Creative Director. A Handbook for Digital Creatives": shop.shanemielke.com

My next guest is Tal Lemming: twitter.com/typesupply, a type designer working under his own foundry, Type Supply: typesupply.com. He is also the creator of the typeface, United: houseind.com/hi/united_sans, an LSU alumnus and creator of many custom typefaces in sports & entertainment.

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