"Creative people can't be afraid of letting other creative people [critique] their work. Sometimes to bring life into the magazine, it's good to give to another creative person and have them look at it."

For me, The Masters symbolizes the beginning of spring and especially the beginning of golf season. Therefore, this episode's guest is only fitting this time of year. Tim Oliver joins us on this podcast to to talk golf and design. Tim has been an art director at Conde Naste's Golf Digest for 15+ years where he has worked on everything from laying out the publication, writing content, art directing photoshoots to designing digital products.

Tim gives us a little insight into his journey from designing at the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the New York Times to his eventual landing at Golf Digest — a company where employees tend to go and stay for many years; a rare feat in today's business world.

We discuss the evolution of the game of golf from a fitness perspective,Pentagram's early-2015 redesign of the publication, some recent controversial cover shoots and more.

Tim also reveals some of his thoughts on the future of golf from a design and entrepreneurial perspective and discusses Golf Digest's mission to increase the appeal of the game to millennails and non-traditional fans.

Lastly, we cover the need for today's designer to transcend mediums creating for print and digital.

Mentions Include:

Our next guest is Tom O'Grady. Tom was hired by David Stern in the early 90s as the NBA's first creative director. He helped shape the visual identites of many teams in the league for a decade before leaving the NBA to start his own agency, Gameplan Creative.

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