Episode 6: José Lopez, Creative Director, Houston Rockets

José Lopez, creative director of the Houston Rockets joins Adam this week to discuss his long persistent journey to the NBA.

José grew up both in Panama City, Panama as well as New Orleans, Louisiana. From a young age he wanted to work in sports and after stints at major advertising agencies and a few moves back and forth from the U.S. to Panama due to work visa issues, he finally landed his dream gig in Houston.

The two touch on the importance of making your own work and tailoring your portfolio to the sports industry if you are interested in working in sports.

"Find your passion, hone it and strive to be better every day"

Mentions include...

The next guest is Hans Anderson, senior concept developer at ESPN. Hans will be joining Adam to discuss is work in the Emerging Technologies department at ESPN where his team is in charge of inventing new realtime and augmented reality technology.

José Lopez can be found on twitter and his work can be viewed at his Kropprofile.