The Martian Watches were the first widely available smartwatch with voice commands. The idea for Martian watch was to have an analog smartwatch, and they where the first to succeed. The line of Martian watches have an analog quartz watchface with a small in-laid OLED display. The watches were launched via Kickstarter and first started shipping in February 2013.

The Basics: 

  • Models: Three models - Passport, Victory, and G2G
  • Pricing: $249 (G2G), $299 (Passport & Victory series)
  • Smartphone compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Water resistant: Yes
  • Third party apps: No
  • Camera: No
  • Voice Command: Yes
  • Input: Buttons



  • Connectivity:Bluetooth Classic & Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Analog quartz watch with Japanese movement
  • Noise-Cancellation Microphone
  • Directional Personal Speaker
  • 96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display
  • RGB LED light
  • “Light Touch” Vibrating Motor
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Anti-scratch glass crystal
  • Micro USB port for recharging and firmware updates

The Martian Watch Story

The Martian watch's origins started five years ago with the development of a wireless wrist-based senior care device. Upon the development of the second-generation device with Bluetooth, they decided they should look at create a smartwatch for the consumer market. One of the reasons they believed they could create a compelling watch was the development of Siri, which is Apple's voice-command technology.

The company developed what is an analog watch with a small OLED display that enables notifications. All of the watches (there are currently three models) also include vibrating motor and an LED light that, together with the OLED display, enable notifications around email, text messages, social, calendar and more. The watches have small microphones that enable voice commands.

The company came to market with a Kickstarter, which raised $221 thousand from 1,212 backers. The Kickstarter was completed in August 2012 and the backers first received their watches in February 2013.

Company Interview

This conversation with Martian Watches President Stan Kinsey took place in summer 2013. For the permalink to this conversation, please click here.  

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