#101: John McAfee

There may not be a more fascinating person in the world of tech than John McAfee. As the inventor of first antivirus software, McAfee's had a fascinating career that's been periodically interspersed in recent years with international intrigue (he left Belize after what he describes as a "war with the Belize government") and has had multiple threats on his life in the last few years.

We talk about these incidents, but also about McAfee's beginnings in programming dating back to the late 60s, his time in Silicon Valley in the 70s and 80s, and those early days when his antivirus software went viral. We also talk about the future and what McAfee sees as mankinds biggest threat in AI.

Find out more about McAfee at www.whoismcafee.com

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#100: The hardware crowdfunding special

It's episode #100!

This is a two-parter looking at the world of hardware crowdfunding.

The first part is a conversation with Indiegogo cofounder Danae Ringelmann about the platform, the ways hardware crowdfunders succeed and the most memorable campaigns on Indiegogo.

The second part is a conversation with Cameron Robertson, cofounder of Lockitron. Lockitron successfully raised millions in 2012 and ultimately faced significant challenges shipping its product. Cameron tells the story of the Lockitron and how ultimately overcame them.

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#98: Kevin Kelly (pt 1): AI, Robots & Making a Non-Dystopian Tech Future

This is part one of our conversation w/Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired, the guy behind Cool Tools, The "1000 True Fans" theory and much more.

In this conversation, we talk mainly about how the future will change due to technology, whether things like AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be dangerous and much more.

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#97: A conversation with FTrain's Paul Ford

We're Back!

Today's guest is Paul Ford, the self proclaimed "Benjamin Button of Success". Paul is the guy behind Ftrain, a blog that started before there were blogs in 1997, as well as the throwback site for tech sentimentalists and retro-tech nerds, Tilde.Club.

You can find FTrain at www.ftrain.com and Tilde Club at www.tilde.club

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#96: The Story Behind Ello With Paul Budnitz

Guest: Creator of Ello, Paul Budnitz

Two weeks ago, the creator of Ello got off a plane to find he had 200 press interview requests in his email inbox.

What happened? He and his new social network were in the first few hours of a viral explosion, one of those rare moments you hear about when something, for some reason, just becomes a must have thing for hundreds of thousand and eventually millions of people.

Since those crazy first few hours, Paul, a long time designer and creator, has remained remarkably calm as he's worked with the Ello team to scale up and meet demand.

Mike talks to him about those first few hours, the reason for the viral growth, and how Paul has been able to remain calm as his social network has exploded in popularity these last few weeks.

You can visit Ello at www.ello.co

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#95: From fake Steve Jobs to the writers room for HBO's Silicon Valley w/Dan Lyons

Guest: Dan Lyons, writer for HBO's Silicon Valley and marketing fellow at Hubspot

I catch up with Dan Lyons, the creator of maybe the first big technology satire blog with Fake Steve Jobs and writer for HBO's Silicon Valley season 2.

Dan talks about being in the writing room with Mike Judge, what his role in the writer's room was and how they approached picking up where they left off after season 1. We also talk about Dan leaving tech media and going into the world of marketing, whether he would even start a satire blog today in today's social media world and much more.

You can find out more about Dan at www.realdanlyons.com/

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#93: Jason Hirschhorn on running Sling, MySpace & Taking REDEF From Hobby To Company

Guest: Jason Hirschhorn

Nearly two decades into when many started using email, most of us still have our favorite newsletter and valuable info we get via the inbox. Jason Hirschhorn, who put MTV into the Internet age and later helped run Sling Media and MySpace, took a hobby and turned into a business around his great curated newsletter of interesting articles, video and stuff he puts together every day.

Mike caught up with Jason to talk about REDEF and how he got from his early days at MTV to where he is today.

You can find REDEF at www.redef.com

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#92: Finding and investing in media innovators with Matter's Corey Ford

Guest: Corey Ford, Managing Partner of Matter

I've long been interested in next-generation media companies, so when I discovered Matter, a start-up accelerator and venture capital company that had ties to PRX, I was intrigued about what exactly they were up to.

I caught up with Corey Ford, the driving force behind the organization and a long-time media guy. We talk about the program, what he is seeing in new media as well as the future of audio as a media format.

You can find out more about Corey and Matter www.matter.vc

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#91: Getting Paid As Expert Online With Clarity.FM's Dan Martell

Guest: Dan Martell, CEO of Clarity.FM

This is part two in our look at the future of work. If you're a consultant, freelancer, analyst, or someone who charges by the hour for their expertise, you should listen to this podcast. Things are changing as new marketplaces enable folks with deep expertise to connect with those who are willing to pay for it and charge down to the minute for this knowledge.

You can learn more about Clarity.FM at, you guessed it, www.clarity.fm

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#90: Future of Work Part 1: Online Work Marketplaces w/Gary Swart

Guest: Gary Swart

Up until a month or so ago, Gary Swart led the largest online work marketplace company in oDesk. After helping complete the merger with his biggest rival, eLance, Gary is now becoming a venture capitalist.

We catch up with Gary to learn what he's observed about the world of online work and work marketplaces. We talk about the changing nature of work, how oDesk pivoted it its early days, and how the online work marketplace business looks today vs. a decade ago.

You can find oDesk at www.odesk.com

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#89: A Look at the PotTech Landscape with Steep Hill's Dave Lampach

Guest: Dave Lampach of Steep Hill Halent.

While Mike doesn't use pot, he's been fascinated to watch the unfolding of a new legal market for it in his home state of Washington after voters approved the legal sale of pot at retail in 2012.

So when he was pitched a chat with Steep Hill's CEO Dave Lampach, he said why not? After all, there's a good chance legal market will be a multibillion market in the coming years, and there's a gold rush in terms of new VC and investor money pouring into the pot-tech space.

You can find out more about Steep Hill at: steephilllab.com/

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#88: Talking Byliner & The Hard Road For Publishing Startups With Richard Nash

Guest: Richard Nash

This week Mike visits with Richard Nash to hear about some of the difficulties Byliner, one of the most high profile publishing startups of recent years, faced as the company sees most of its senior management leave in the last few weeks. We also talk about the broader book publishing business and Richard makes a prediction about Amazon's future.

Mike also catches you up on what he's been up to (and why it's been a month since he's had a podcast) and tells you about a new podcast he and a few friends are trying out looking at the lighter side of the tech & startup world (which you can find here: www.technology.fm/disrupt-this/201…he-alpha-episode

You can find out more about Richard at rnash.com/

NextMarket #87: Talking Podcasts & MommyCast with Paul Vogelzang

Guest: Paul Vogelzang

You may not know this, but back in the early 2000s the Treasury Department started a podcast. The person behind that was Paul Vogelzang.

But this conversation isn't about that podcast, but instead about the hugely successful Mommycast Paul helped create with his with wife Gretchen and her friend Paige Heninger. We talk about those early days and working with Adam Curry, the rise of the show and it's success with advertisers like Proctor and Gamble, all the way to the end of the show and where Paul, Gretchen and Paige are up to now.

If you're interested in how the podcast market has evolved and some of the history, this is a must listen.

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#86: A conversation with Howard Lindzon

Guest: Howard Lindzon

Howard is an interesting guy. From being one of the first (maybe ever?) to sell a podcast creation (Wallstrip) for millions of dollars, to the founding of Stocktwits, a company which harnesses collective social knowledge to help people better invest, to his numerous investments in social media and tech companies, Howard has lots of stories to tell.

You can find out more about Howard at www.howardlindzon.com/

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#85: A talk with makers of Cue, a device for at-home, smartphone-connected lab tests

It's been busy over here at NextMarket headquarters (as evidenced by the lack of podcasts the last two weeks), but we found time this week to talk to an interesting startup called Cue, which is making a deep health tracker.

What does that mean? With this $149 device(presale price)that connects to your iPhone, you can now check your vitamin D levels, fertility, testosterone levels and whether you have the flu.

You can find out more about Cue at www.cue.me

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#84: Becoming a Rainmaker with Copyblogger's Brian Clark

Guest: Copyblogger CEO Brian Clark

In this episode, I catch up with Brian Clark. Brian launched Copyblogger media as a personal blog with $1000 in seed capital, and has since grown the company to a multimillion dollar company and one of the most influential blogs and media companies looking at marketing and web publishing.

Brian recently launched New Rainmaker, a podcast that is also at the center of his launch for a new publishing platform. We talk about that launch, the backstory of Copyblogger, and Brian and Mike talk about where they see blogging and podcasting going in the future.

You can check out New Rainmaker at: newrainmaker.com/

#83: From Microsoft to Making Beer With PicoBrew's Bill Mitchell

Guest: PicoBrew's Bill Mitchell

This week we visit with Bill Mitchell, founder of PicoBrew, the company behind the home beer brewing appliance.

When I was doing research on smartwatches last year, I found out that the former head of Microsoft's SPOT smartwatch division, Bill Mitchell, was now running PicoBrew, a crowdfunded startup that was making a home beer brewing appliance. I contacted Bill and he invited me down to taste some beers and find out more about what they were building, an invitation I could hardly refuse.

Now, on the eve of shipping the Zymatic to customers, I caught up with Bill to hear about how the product has evolved, the reception of the Zymatic by the beer and homebrew communities, and where he sees home brewing going in the future as appliances like his make it more easy, replicable and leverages the power of the Internet to share and distribute recipes.

You can find out more about Picobrew at www.picobrew.com

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#82: Going multiplatform: From podcast to DirectTV with Off Camera's Sam Jones

Guest: Off Camera's Sam Jones

Last year I discovered Off Camera, a beautifully done multi-platform project by photographer and filmmaker Sam Jones. Not only were his guests amazing (Robert Downey Jr, Dave Grohl, etc) but the project was done so well across multiple formats: Podcast-video-magazine.

It came back to mind recently as I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Off Camera. The podcast-web video-magazine had made the leap to TV.

Sam and I talk about the concept, how he makes it work so well across formats and how the show made it's way to DirectTV.

You can find Off Camera at www.offcamera.com

You can find more NextMarket podcasts at www.technology.fm/nextmarketpodcast/

Image credit: Sam Jones