#83: From Microsoft to Making Beer With PicoBrew's Bill Mitchell

Guest: PicoBrew's Bill Mitchell

This week we visit with Bill Mitchell, founder of PicoBrew, the company behind the home beer brewing appliance.

When I was doing research on smartwatches last year, I found out that the former head of Microsoft's SPOT smartwatch division, Bill Mitchell, was now running PicoBrew, a crowdfunded startup that was making a home beer brewing appliance. I contacted Bill and he invited me down to taste some beers and find out more about what they were building, an invitation I could hardly refuse.

Now, on the eve of shipping the Zymatic to customers, I caught up with Bill to hear about how the product has evolved, the reception of the Zymatic by the beer and homebrew communities, and where he sees home brewing going in the future as appliances like his make it more easy, replicable and leverages the power of the Internet to share and distribute recipes.

You can find out more about Picobrew at www.picobrew.com

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