#96: The Story Behind Ello With Paul Budnitz

Guest: Creator of Ello, Paul Budnitz

Two weeks ago, the creator of Ello got off a plane to find he had 200 press interview requests in his email inbox.

What happened? He and his new social network were in the first few hours of a viral explosion, one of those rare moments you hear about when something, for some reason, just becomes a must have thing for hundreds of thousand and eventually millions of people.

Since those crazy first few hours, Paul, a long time designer and creator, has remained remarkably calm as he's worked with the Ello team to scale up and meet demand.

Mike talks to him about those first few hours, the reason for the viral growth, and how Paul has been able to remain calm as his social network has exploded in popularity these last few weeks.

You can visit Ello at www.ello.co

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