#102: Mark Cuban

The NextMarket Podcast is back after a long hiatus!

The guest for this episode is Mark Cuban, who joins Mike to discuss:

-The state of the 2016 Presidential campaign
-Why he decided to discuss Donald Trump's wealth
-The efforts by political insiders to recruit Cuban to make a third party run
-Whether he would consider running for president in the future
-Hillary's weaknesses as a candidate
-His work with others to create a possible new political party
-His investment history and record on Shark Tank
-Why he does Shark Tank
-Whether he regrets missing the success stories he doesn't invest in
-The success of the Amazon Echo and invisible interfaces
-The rise of artificial intelligence and the long-term impact on labor markets

This is a great conversation so check it out and subscribe to the podcast. You can find more podcasts atwww.technology.fm/nextmarketpodcast/