#83: From Microsoft to Making Beer With PicoBrew's Bill Mitchell

Guest: PicoBrew's Bill Mitchell

This week we visit with Bill Mitchell, founder of PicoBrew, the company behind the home beer brewing appliance.

When I was doing research on smartwatches last year, I found out that the former head of Microsoft's SPOT smartwatch division, Bill Mitchell, was now running PicoBrew, a crowdfunded startup that was making a home beer brewing appliance. I contacted Bill and he invited me down to taste some beers and find out more about what they were building, an invitation I could hardly refuse.

Now, on the eve of shipping the Zymatic to customers, I caught up with Bill to hear about how the product has evolved, the reception of the Zymatic by the beer and homebrew communities, and where he sees home brewing going in the future as appliances like his make it more easy, replicable and leverages the power of the Internet to share and distribute recipes.

You can find out more about Picobrew at www.picobrew.com

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#82: Going multiplatform: From podcast to DirectTV with Off Camera's Sam Jones

Guest: Off Camera's Sam Jones

Last year I discovered Off Camera, a beautifully done multi-platform project by photographer and filmmaker Sam Jones. Not only were his guests amazing (Robert Downey Jr, Dave Grohl, etc) but the project was done so well across multiple formats: Podcast-video-magazine.

It came back to mind recently as I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Off Camera. The podcast-web video-magazine had made the leap to TV.

Sam and I talk about the concept, how he makes it work so well across formats and how the show made it's way to DirectTV.

You can find Off Camera at www.offcamera.com

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Image credit: Sam Jones

#81: Going hyperlocal, breaking Kurt Cobain's death & saving Jim Gaffigan w/Marty Riemer

Guest: Marty Riemer

In this episode we go deep on Seattle, talking to Marty Riemer about how about local radio was disrupted, how his experiment in creating a hyperlocal podcast worked, as well as how he became famous for breaking the news of Kurt Cobain's death as well as how his hugely successful comedy festivals helped revive Jim Gaffigan's career.

You can find out more about Mary at www.martyriemer.com/

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Minisode: Going on Shark Tank With Doorbot's Jamie Siminoff

It's a NextMarket minisode!

This episode features an excerpt from my Smart Home Show interview with Jamie Siminoff, who lifts the curtain on Shark Tank to show us what its like to go on and pitch in the tank. He talks about being up there pitching for an hour and how he took months to prepare for the show.

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#80: Surviving as a working writer in the e-book era with Simon Wood

Guest: Mystery novelist Simon Wood

On this episode, I talk to Simon Wood, a long time mystery and horror novelist about surviving as a working writer. By his own account, Simon is a midlist writer who has seen his own publisher's go out of business as e-books began to take hold, but Simon has survived by actively managing his own career and embracing the world of e-books.

You can find out more about Simon at www.simonwood.net

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#79: Introducing Technology.FM & Going on Shark Tank With Unikey's Phil Dumas

Summary: Introducing Technology.FM and an interview with Phil Dumas, the first entrepreneur to get five offers on Shark Tank

This week I do a little housekeeping, talking about Technology.FM, as well as talk about a new show called The Smart Home Show.

In the second half of the podcast, I feature an interview with Phil Dumas, CEO of smart lock company Unikey. We talk about his appearance on Shark Tank, why his offer from Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful didn't get finalized, and the story behind his smart lock company Unikey.

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#78: Dan Fletcher & Celeste LeCompte

Guests: Beacon's Dan Fletcher and Climate Confidential's Celeste LeCompte

Summary: I talk to Beacon's Dan Fletcher about leaving Facebook and the idea behind Beacon, what some people describe as Netflix meets Kickstarter for writers.

I also catch up with old Gigaom friend Celeste LeCompte and talk about her new digital magazine, Climate Confidential, the first multi-author project on Beacon. We talk about that and reminisce about old times at Gigaom.