TDS #100: Michael and David Want to Join Your Foursquare Game

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:


  • Our favorite playground games  
  • Mercer county school district in WA bans "tag" (story)    
  • PC sales slide. People not replacing as fast. 1% drop (story)
  • GigaOm comes back to life (story)
  • Netflix viewers don't get hooked on the pilot (story)        
  • Sorkin vs. Cook on Steve Jobs movie (story)         
  • CNN to broadcast debates in VR (story)  
  • VR news-$99 Samsung headset available in November 2015 - Works with Samsung Galaxy phones from 2015 (story)    
  • Oculus Ready PCs for $1K from Dell, Alienware, ASUS (story)             
  • Minecraft 10 available in 2016 plus Bullet Train Unreal Engine Demo (story)    
  • Pizza Rat (story)
  • 360 degree videos on Facebook. Star Wars one out.  (story)             
  • Snoop launches a weed site at TC (story)
  • Limetown the podcast
  • Control-Walt-Delete
  • Tech CEOs on Colbert -  Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Snapchat’s Evan Siegel and Airbnb’s Brian Chesky
  • Forza 6 

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