#102: Michael and David Cheat on Fantasy Sports

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show.

  • MIcrosoft Suface Book, HoloLens, and other hardware (story)             
  • How could Microsoft steal phone market share from Apple and Google? (story
  • Google truly owns the Alphabet (story)  
  • Insider trading in Fantasy Sports: DraftKings – FanDuel (story)             
  • What exactly is Medium becoming (story)           
  • Information stored on your boarding pass (story)
  • We're past the age of smartphones as hot tech category, and VCs are looking for what's next (story)   
  • Facebook's new "like" button is out. It's Reactions. In test now. (story)  
  • Federal lawsuit of intellectual property theft to launch adtech startup Gravity4 (story)               
  • John Cook of Gawker: "What I care about is ensuring that this organization wakes up every morning with the intention of doing some fucking damage on the internet. That you continue to move faster than your competitors." (story)   
  • 5 Creative Tripod Tricks (video)

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