#107: David and Michael Summon the Internet's Reaction via Facebook Messenger

Here's what Michael and David talk about on the show:

  • Internet's loop of action and reaction – For every news story we get additional stories of the reactions. (story)
  • Cult of Likability - We're imprisoned by reviews   (story)
  • Obama going on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (story)
  • 21% of Americans online almost constantly (story)
  • Google upgrades robots and drones to Google X(story)
  • Even Apple doesn't want to use Final Cut Pro X (story)
  • Stern reups with Sirius for 5 years (story)
  • WhatsApp blocked in Brazil for 48 hours for not complying to a criminal case (story)
  • Summon an Uber from within Facebook Messenger (story)
  • 10 Best Memes of 2016 (story)
  • Top 10 Viral Sports Videos of 2016 (story)
  • Serial Season 2 is back (story)
  • Confederacy of Dunces Cookbook (story)
  • Top 25 News Photos of 2015 (story)

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Creative Commons photo courtesty of Ognian Mladenov.