#109: Michael and David Penalized in League of Legends for Unnecessary Roughness

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • CES: smart home, smart food, and IoT everywhere. Some cool drones too      
  • ESPN covering e-sports (story)   
  • PewDiePie Launches on Content Network with Disney, Revelmode (story)         
  • Nest outage (story)        
  • Udacity offers guaranteed jobs or your money back for four specific courses (story)  
  • Crowley and Foursquare (story
  • Social media isn't the biggest distraction at work (story
  • Intel invests in robotics company (story)
  • Vidmob - at CES - Like Magisto, but with real editors, for a small cost (about $55-$65)
  • Serial going bi-weekly (story)     
  • Blue apron review        
  • Bob and Dave shows on Netflix  

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