#111: Tear Down Show: Michael and David's Pending Rap Feud with Ghostface Killah

Special guest for this episode is Marshall Kirkpatrick (@marshallk), Founder of Little Bird.

Here’s what Michael, David, and Marshall discuss in this episode:

  • Amazon investing in podcasts (story)      
  • Future is conversational commerce (story)           
  • Is creative arts the future to success in age of automation? (story)  
  • Twitter CMO   
  • You Share. I “Like.” Is That the Extent of Our Friendship? (story)             
  • The VR and AI Rollups by Apple, Google and Amazon (story)             
  • Remote work is not about productivity (story)    
  • What My Wife and I Lost and Gained Running a Business Together (story)
  • Is Martin Shkreli punking us? (story)       
  • HuffPost to publish anti-Trump kicker with all Trump coverage (story)  
  • What's cool/not cool with teens - Apps  (story)   
  • Little Bird, the influencer discovery and relationship tool, just had a big update. Subscribe at GetLittleBird.com
  • Bob's Burgers
  • Latest Season of Project Greenlight         
  • The Future of the Future - Bonnie Graham - podcast - SAP sponsored       
  • "Overweight Sensation" and rediscovering Allan Sherman on Spotify  

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