Tear Down Show #112: Michael and David Tell Amazon Echo Who's the Boss

Here’s what Michael and David discuss in this episode:

  • Man spends $21k on Super Bowl tickets, does interview and says to keep a secret from his wife (story)           
  • Hashtags used in 45% of Super Bowl ads. (story)               
  • uber, Dominos Pizza, and Spotify via Echo (story)
  • Amazon plans to open 400brick and mortar bookstores (story)             
  • Technologies to watch in 2016 (story)    
  • About time: Instagram announces account switching (story)             
  • Google Hangouts Confirms it will use P2P connections to improve call quality and speed (story)     
  • New York Times launched Latin America edition (story)   
  • The New York Times’ new Slack 2016 election bot sends readers’ questions straight to the newsroom (story)        
  • Verizon exploring buy of Yahoo (story)   
  • Bustle and the Industrialization of Confession (story)       
  • Hail Caesar!      
  • Funny Tweeter 

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