Tear Down #113: Michael and David Argue Over What Qualifies for a Lead Story

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Apple's Creating a Dr. Dre scripted series (story
  • Zenefits created a backdoor program to bypass the required 52 hour course to get a license to sell health insurance (story)             
  • The Fitness app rollup is about done (story1) (story2)      
  • Sony hackers still alive and well. Are they from N. Korea? Evidence shows common tools, techniques and procedures or TTPs (story)       
  • Twitter puts recommended tweets on top of timeline (story)             
  • Independent newspapers closing and going digital (story)             
  • Andy Rubin unleashing AI: good piece in Wired (story)    
  • NOOOO. Experiments with vertical video (story
  • NBC launchd a pay reality TV streaming service. Really. (story)             
  • James Woods gets the green light to go after the twitter defamer in court (story)
  • Mad Dogs on Amazon
  • Wild (screenplay)           
  • Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

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Creative Commons photo attribution to Bernard Goldbach.