Tear Down Show #114: Michael and David want to hack Donald Trump’s iPhone

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • The great iPhone hack debate. Can tech companies just defy court orders? This will be a landmark case. (story)                          
  • Trump wants boycott, McAfee wants to hack iPhone (story)                           
  • A unified IoT standard (story)     
  • The launch of Cheddar - a Millennial focused finance streaming show. (story)     
  • Cofounder of YouTube starting video network about food (story)                
  • Men make more money on ebay than women (story)      
  • Yahoo Originals shut down (story)           
  • The secret lives of Tumblr teens (story)  
  • Star Wars Fan Films (story)         
  • Vinyl    
  • Togetherness - Duplass Brothers

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Credit:  Photo illustration by Kendra Pierroz