Tear Down Show #116: David Mocks Michael’s Late Night Breakfast Injury

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Microsoft rejects Slack acquisition idea (story)    
  • Ashley Madison Fallout (story)                 
  • Meerkat pivots. This isn't going to end well (story)           
  • New Yorker using snapchat (story)                        
  • Amazon adds Dot and Tap (story)            
  • Spotify's Fresh Finds (story)                      
  • Intuit Sells Quicken. This makes me sad. (story)   
  • Student forwards nude photos of teacher from her phone (story)  
  • Calacanis gets reality show. Can he finally make VCTV work? (story)  
  • The Internet is Rigged (story)                   
  • Virtual Reality on Rollercoasters (story)  
  • k-poparazzi - Radiolab 
  • Great Trailer: It's a Mad Mad Mad Max Fury Road           
  • Horrible Trailer: New Ghostbusters

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