Tear Down Show #121: Michael and David Blow up Watermelons

On this episode, Michael and David discuss:


  • Buzzfeed blew up a watermelon with rubberbands (story)                           
  • Panama Papers - THIS is the lead story - Why this isn't getting more press? (story)        
  • Children of wealthy flaunting wealth online/Instagram (story)             
  • Mashable Layoffs (story)             
  • Twitter wins NFL deal for Thursday night games (story)                 
  • Fleet of trucks drove self across Europe (story)    
  • Brave Software gets cease and desist for digital ad substitution (story)  
  • What Every Web Browser Knows About You (story)         
  • Medium offers tons of new features (story)                       
  • People are being less annoying on Facebook (story)
  • WhatsApp End to End Encryption (story)
  • Hearthstone      
  • Electric Boogaloo - Story of Cannon        

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 Creative Commons photo attribution to Mark Cloutier.