Tear Down Show #122: All “Pepper Spray” References Have Been Erased From This Episode

Here’s what Michael and David discuss on this episode:


  • Buzzfeed combines faces of couples using Photoshop (story)             
  • UC Davis and Chancellor Katehi try to erase "pepper spray" references from search results (story)
  • Nest/Revolv relents, offers full refund for bricked hub (story)             
  • Uninstall Quicktime Now if you're on Windows (story)    
  • Sharp launches RoboHon, a robot...phone (story)
  • The Textalyzer for motorists in accidents in NY (story)     
  • Apple Watch: A flop? (story)      
  • Why do we go into the office if everything is digital? (story)             
  • Mike's new segment: Advice for a colleague. This week's colleague: Steve Miller of Steve Miller Band
  • Louis CK losing millions on Horace and Pete (story)
  • Serial Season 2 
  • Disrupted: Dan Lyons book about Hubspot          
  • The Warriors – The movie
  • Season 2 of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt      

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