Tear Down Show #123: Michael and David Admit to Producing 38 Less Albums Than Prince

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Prince didn't want his music on the Internet (story)         
  • Medium raised another monster round (story)    
  • SpyEye Makers Get 24 years in Jail (story)            
  • John McAfee goes behind the scenes of his viral video (story)             
  • Virtual weapons turning teens into serious gamblers (story)
  • Yik Yak founders settle lawsuit (story)    
  • Changes in Facebook News Feed rankings (story)
  • Staples Connect going away, Mike kinda helps break story (story)  
  • Google and Microsoft call a truce - really? (story)             
  • Holy White HoundsFaction Radio on Sirius         
  • Podcast Rank    

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