Tear Down Show #124: Michael and David Are Busted for Taking Voting Booth Selfies

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Chandler and Joey hung out in London (story)                   
  • Comcast purchases Dreamworks Animation $3.8 billion (story)             
  • Tesla has bioweapon mode on its cars (story)      
  • Future of driverless vehicles. Lobbying group with Google, Ford, Uber (story)                    
  • Ready to McAfee your Car? (story)          
  • Does Google's Big Data analytics already know the outcome of the election? (story)      
  • Business Insider some type of boiler room for journalists? (story)  
  • An iPad goes on a journey, it's owner follows it online (story)             
  • Snapchat fighting for your right to take selfies in the voting booth (story)    
  • More advice from Michael? Hey Steve Miller - Don't be like Ted Cruz. Also, crack jokes like Barack Obama.
  • Traffic lights on the sidewalk so you don't have to look up from your phone (story)                       
  • The Term Sheet - Lucas Carlson   - former Gigaom friend
  • The Ip Man movies - Great martial arts films     

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Creative Commons photo attribution to Sonya Green.