Tear Down Show #125: Michael and David Tickle Trump's Taco Bowl

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:


  • IMPORTANT LEAD STORY: why tickling is dangerous (story)             
  • Apple Music deleting files off of people's hard drives - If this is "common" practice why is it only reported by one user? (story)             
  • Turns out Apple Music is not good. It's confusing. But it's not deleting files off the HD without explicity permission. (story)             
  • Google using romance novels to make AI more conversational (story)  
  • Trump's taco bowl tweet blows up the Internet (story)    
  • Why does every platform need an editor in chief? (story)
  • An argument for yelling at customer service (story)         
  • Who is Palantir, and why is Business Insider still calling them a startup? (story)
  • Why so much VR press NOW? No story, I'm just amazed that the VR pr world coordinated to raise everyone's interest in VR right now. Is it solely because of the release of Oculus?   
  • Zynga HQ worth more than Zynga (story)
  • Budweiser themed VR headsets at Cavalier games: why? (story)             
  • Space Invaders and Sonic the Hedgehog added to the Video Game Hall of Fame. Why did it take so long for Space Invaders? (story)  
  • Did you know there's an Angry Birds movie coming out? 
  • Alan Meckler's Elevator Pitch videos       
  • United Shades of America - W. Kamau Bell - on CNN       
  • My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Available for free on iTunes - how long?     


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