Tear Down Show #126: Michael and David Suppress All Conservative Stories

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • IMPORTANT LEAD NEWS STORY: 70s Stars and what they look like now (story)
  • What is Apple doing with podcasts? Why have they never capitalized on it? (story)
  • Apple confirms the music erasing bug in iTunes and will update (story)  
  • Donald Trump's press spokesperson John Miller is amazing (story)  
  • Trump going after Jeff Bezos (story)        
  • Zuckerberg says they're not surpressing conservative stories on trending topics, but will investigate (story)          
  • Vine is dying on the vine (story
  • Return of the dumb phone (story)           
  • Finally, an all purpose Amazon button (story)      
  • France may make it illegal to send after hours work emails - They don't have a siesta or the sabbath, so this is what they have to resort to. (story)                           
  • Tinder...for buddies? (story)       
  • Half of your friends don't consider you a friend. (story)                  
  • An obituary: The Muppets were cancelled (story)             
  • Great videos for filmmakers. Indy MogulGriffin Hammond
  • Videos on how to make a teleprompter for your iPad.      

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