#127: Taking a Cue from Apple We Rename the Podcast: Tear Down GROVE

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Michael’s friend was outside the White House and was all over the news           
  • David Hasselhoff’s financial troubles     
  • IMPORTANT LEAD STORY: teenager gets teacher cake (story)             
  • Lots of Google I/O announcements. (story) (Michael’s initial review to Google Home vs. Amazon Echo)
  • Smart clothes platform: Working with Levis. Do you need smart clothes? (story
  • Other Google announcements: Google Daydream, Allo messaging, Duo a competitor to Facetime (story)
  • Apple renames Genuis Bar to Genuis Grove, gives Silicon Valley HBO writers more material. New Hangout. Apple store in SF. (story)
  • Google has patented sticky glue on cars to catch pedestrians (story)  
  • 85% of Facebook Video is watched without sound (story)
  • Hey Steve Miller for Yahoo!: Take the money and run (story)
  • YouTube prank videos that go wrong (story)        
  • Chewbacca mask lady
  • The Internet's favorite book - You'll be surprised  

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