#128: Michael and David’s “Yet to Be Released” Gawker Scandal

Here’s what Michael and David discuss during the show:

  • Hungry Dog stops watching baseball game (story)            
  • Peter Thiel's campaign against Gawker. (story)   
  • Nick Denton's Open letter to Peter Thiel (story)                
  • Apple's now developing an Echo rival (story)       
  • Twitter easing the 140 character restriction with @ replies at the beginning, plus videos, and photos/GIFs. (story)                                     
  • Pebble Core: Another anything button (story)                   
  • How Technology Hijacks People's Minds (story)  
  • The Flip Phone is continuing its comeback (story)
  • Discussion of ethics/laziness of PR professionals - 3 recent cases.   
  • Cells Phones Cause Cancer (story)           
  • Noti-Fly - Get a text when your fly is down. (story)           
  • Let's discuss Jeopardy (story)                    
  • Favorite 80's Sitcom Theme Music        
  • Dude Perfect - World Record Edition.

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