Tear Down Show #137: David and Michael Voluntarily Leak Their Emails

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:


  • Doug the Pug meets Mark Z's pooch (story)         
  • The hack of the DNC emails. Wikileaks lost the moral high ground (storystory2)                 
  • The election systems are probably hackable too (story)   
  • Amazon reaches new high of 268,900 employees — skyrocketing 47% in just one year (story)
  • Play Dungeons and Dragons on Roll20 (story)     
  • Instagram allowing control of comments (story
  • How Default settings rule the world (story)         
  • Buzzfeed editor reminds staff to not post political beliefs on social media (story)       
  • Second person is what makes you happy. Yes you! (story)
  • Oracle buys Netsuite for $9.3 billion (story)         
  • Millennials dig Word (story)
  • Musical.ly app - Make music videos to become famous (story)                           
  • HBO’s Ballers and Vice Principals           
  • Star Trek: Beyond















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