Tear Down Show #139: Michael and David's Podcast Preparation Now Involves Cupping

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • The Pathetic Olympics   
  • The Lead Story: why are people cupping? (story)
  • eSports using more online traffic than the Olympics (story)                           
  • A Martin Skireli reply all email conversation happened today (story)  
  • GM wanted to buy Lyft. Lyft wants to continue dating around (story)  
  • Twitter is a honeypot for A-holes (story)
  • 40% of Americans have been harassed online (story)       
  • Twitter claims there are inaccuracies in the story (story
  • Target's adding a connected rubber ducky to their store.  Do you want one? (story)   
  • AdBlock Plus vs. Facebook - Cat and Mouse Game (story)
  • Another one-button control mechanism called Pop. Interested? (story)  
  • Health records are prime targets now for digital thieves (story)             
  • Arianna is leaving Huffpo. Should we care? (story)           
  • Vice Principals - coming around 
  • Don't celebrate too early sports fails

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