Tear Down Show #144: Our Today Show performance is worse than Corey Feldman’

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Do Women cost men money from a career perspective
  • Danny Bonaduce – David in Chicago Radio
  • Corey Feldman on Today show...What? Where? How? Why? (video)             
  • "unintended" consequences of free Internet kiosks in NYC were very expected (story)         
  • A bot to tell your wife you love her (story)                      
  • Coding with Swift Playgrounds – Apple (story)  
  • Mode media shuts down w/o notice (story)      
  • Binge watching can bring you closer to your spouse (story)       
  • This week in singularity: AI will eliminate 6% of jobs in 5 years (story)             
  • Watch streaming sports through TWITTER (story)                        
  • Guy at age 37 complaining about ageism. Created Old Geek Jobs             
  • 9-year old rugby player dominates        
  • Easy on Netflix

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