Tear Down Show #153: We're acquired! Spread it around, even if it's not true

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Buzzfeed does groundbreaking story on the horror of sharting (story)             
  • Along Came Polly          
  • Gooligan Malware (story)          
  • Are you ready for virtual eating, David? (story
  • Pebble rumored to be acquired by Fitbit (story)             
  • When tech is a problem child (story)     
  • Buzzfeed names fake news expert as editor (story)        
  • AT&T and T-Mobile fighting against Net neutrality with zero rating data (story)       
  • Amazon creating new touchscreen device (story)           
  • It's getting worse for retail stores. Amazon Prime members double or triple their spending after they join. This goes into building more fulfillment centers. (story)         
  • You can now download Netflix movies (story)  
  • Man in the High Castle 
  • The Gist with Mike Pesca           
  • Free to Play: The Movie             

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