Tear Down Show #155: This Episode is PACKED with Fake News, Real News, “Who Cares” News

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • CES!     
  • Michael’s AMAZING Mexico border story
  • Trade show of trade shows
  • Amazon to hire 100K new jobs in 18 months (story)      
  • Russia's state TV network took over CSPAN for 10 minutes
  • Journalism, Media And Technology Trends And Predictions 2017 (story
  • Andy Rubin is creating new AI powered consumer hardware (story)             
  • Fake news debunkers: BBC (story)         
  • Chrone Extension from First Draft News (story)
  • Daimler invests in Starship, a robot delivery company   
  • Apple to create original content (story)
  • YouTube institutes Superchat on live streams. Paid messages (story)             
  • Michael Lewis - Undoing Project            
  • Why Oh Why podcast - Randy stories   

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Creative Commons photo credit to Nicolas Alejandro.